The Story of Me-Like




Me-Like is a lifestyle brand that stands for recognition and connection, a versatile, subtle and unique PR tool that delivers not just slogans but sponsorship and brand promotion alike. The Me-Like family incorporates DJ’s, artists, producers, labels, party people, business leaders and the regular folk like you and me. We're all the same. We're all looking for our friends.

The pioneering female behind the brand is the Turkish Bosnian Melike Halici born in the Netherlands, who enjoys life to the fullest and brings her vibrance and energy to bear in the freshest way engineering the freshest messages that communicate, capture, move and inspire.

Melike entered the world of music and entertainment at an impressionable age, sometimes as a DJ, sometimes by making music and sometimes merely as a visitor, where she started in her mind’s eye forming and collecting slogans. This extraordinary collection -  then scribbled in a tiny notebook- gave birth to this vibrant, exciting, and original lifestyle brand, Me-Like. 

“For years I was drawn to the power of words to communicate messages, I’ve collected slogans, soundbites and phrases that have touched me, writing them down on scraps of paper and in a little notebook, until I thought it’s about time I did something with it! ”Shirts with a message that will stimulate, and get people thinking along certain lines, from inspiring people with a message to evoking a strong statement or sentiment at parties, festivals or simply walking down the street, and putting your message out to the world.

Whilst visiting parties and during her intrepid travelling and socialising people often found it difficult to pronounce her name Meelieke! She would often make it easier by telling them to pronounce it simply as Me Like, as in Me-Like You! This often led to a fun and animated conversation. It became her nickname, and so the eponymous brand was born. 

In her time as a DJ Melike headlined in Bora Bora, Ibiza, in the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, Outland Rotterdam, the Lexion and Hemkade Zaandam amongst other well known venues, like any up and coming feline superstar, she also had a keen interest in fashion, and this is where the marriage began between her love of words and styling the nation. The humble everyday T-Shirt, transcended with powerful brands, statements, insignia slogans or just your message to the world.